Sunday, March 21, 2021

A Dark Omen from Hell

 Lord Mortvm – Diabolical Omen of Hell

Lord Mortvm, hailing from Oslo, Norway, brings us his first full-length release. A slow and heavy ritual that pays homage to the dark lord Satan him self. Sporting six tracks of decent length, this album blends the aesthetic styles of black metal, and the incredibly slow and ominous sounds of doom metal into one nice and neat package. The instrumentation of the album all being done by one man, Lord Mortvm him self. His vocal style is in the vein of black metal, which really compliments well with the atmosphere this album builds, the mixing making him sound like a long forgotten spirit of the damned roaming the earth still. The riffs are simple, yet effective, being the perfect way to carry us through the album, with guitar solos being sprinkled through out the album, which mimic the very old school and groovy sound that doom metal can be known for, and makes for a rather creative sound that clashes with the rather 'kvlt' aesthetic in the best ways possible.

It honestly reminds me of like a simplistic version of
Electric Wizard's Dopethrone, which isn't a bad thing in its own right. The simplicity of it compliments the solos as they add a splash of color to the rather black and ominous sounding album since the tone of the lead guitar is much cleaner and stands out well above the muddy vibrations of the backing guitar and bass. For example on the last track of the album, Merciful Lord, much of the later half of it is a long solo, with the bass and backing guitar in the background repeating the same simple starting riff, and the lead guitar just wailing over it gives it so much life and texture that it doesn't get boring, like many doom albums seem to do. This one stands out among the rest and should be a must listen for those who like things to be a bit slow and heavy.

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