Sunday, March 14, 2021

Life is Pain, Idiot

 Liquids – Life Is Pain Idiot

Hailing from north west Indiana, is a major figure in the punk scene up there, Liquids. They deliver us their latest album, a fun, fast paced album, with a very creative bent to it, titled, Life Is Pain Idiot. Sporting a long list of 27 tracks, its made in old school punk style, with each song ending about as soon as it starts. Its filled with fun, groovy guitar riffs, punchy d-beat style drums, and all full of attitude. Its honestly extremely infectious, and really gets your head moving and body jumping. Matt Williams being the front man and brain child behind Liquids, really knocks it out of the park when it comes to the song writing. Comparing it to past releases, this album really is their peak in creativity. From the production style, to the catchy guitar riffs that'll be drilled into your brains for days later, really shows the accumulation of the Liquids discography in a nice, clean, compact album.

Through out the album I really got Bad Brains
vibes, especially on the vocal performance, having a very similar high pitched and sporadic style that really reminds me of H.R. One thing I do want to say is that this album is very surface level. Much like punk in general, you're not gonna be expecting anything that's deep and contemplative. And that's okay. Because if you'd try to sit down and analyze this album like if it were some art piece hanging up in a gallery, it'd ruin the entire point of it all. Even as I write this review, I feel like it doesn't serve it any good to try and analyze this album on a deeper level. Its just a really fun album, you can't help but smile and jam out while cracking a few brews with friends to this. Its one of the reasons why I feel like people tend to say 'punk is dead!', well, maybe you're just not looking in the right places, because clearly north west Indiana (shortened to NWI) seems to have a booming scene that has been ripped outta the past and slapped there in the middle of the US. And the best part, they don't take them selves super serious. As someone who loves metal, especially extreme metal, it gets tiring seeing the same dudes with their arms crossed in leather jackets and angry expressions judging every single note that comes out of a shitty distorted guitar as a dude in face paint wails about Satan. Sometimes you just need to kick back and have a little fun and let loose, and this album serves exactly that purpose. If you're a fan of punk, this is an instant modern day classic.

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