Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Stuck in an Epic Dream

 Peter Lawson – Epic Dream

 Peter Lawson, UK based musician, brings us his fourth solo album, Epic Dream, a poppy, punchy, psychedelic album that takes you on a ethereal journey through mystical soundscapes. Its a soothing and captivating album, with colorful guitar riffs and psyched out vocals that create a sense of nostalgia, while also diving into personal themes of heartbreak and madness at times. With tracks like Bitch and Take the Blame, being emotionally heavy, and Peter's vocals adding a great old school style, reminiscent of pop vocalists of the 80's and 90's. There's an added echo effect as well that
adds on top of the dreamy atmosphere of this album. 

 The guitar work is excellent on the album, being able to create colorful riffs and wonderful shoegaze like walls of sound. Like if
My Bloody Valentine, had epic guitar solos. Since Peter is the sole drive behind the album, providing all the instrumentation, it left the drums feeling lacking. Clearly using an electric set, it can sound rather stiff and awkward, like on the track Some Dreams, but creating a fitting artificial sound that only compliments the heavy atmosphere of the album, for example songs like Codeine, Take the Blame, and Mildly Insane, with that track being an awesome, heavy and progressive song that builds up into some amazing guitar work which carries the entire album.

 All in all this is a wonderful album, its short, but showing a great amount of thought and effort put into it, it has everything one could expect from this type of album. Thick atmosphere, funky guitars, trippy lyrics, and a great sense of style accumulates to a wonderful experience and a great addition to anyone's music collection. Definitely give this a listen.

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