Friday, December 10, 2021

กาฬพราย (Kanprai)- โพธสนธยา (Bodhisandhyā)

Hailing from the ancient temples of Thailand, กาฬพราย (or Kanprai in English) presents us with their second ritual offering, โพธสนธยา (Bodhisandhyā). Its raw, unfiltered and highly emotional. Each riff and guitar lick is dripping with passion and has a deep spiritual meaning behind it all. Being their second demo release I'm really impressed by how well done this is. Its easily on par with other full albums out there.

Getting into the music, you can tell right away that this band found that true balance between raw and lofi and crisp and clear. Each instrument is layered perfectly, with each of them being heard in its full glory. The drums in particular are incredibly raw and in your face, but doesn't over throw the bass nor the guitars. In fact, the guitars are some top notch work. Incredibly creative and melancholy riffs that drip with passion and spiritual favors. The last track, translated in English to Like Angels Crying for the Sun is a fine example of what I mean, taking the melancholy and dreadful atmosphere and creating impressive guitar riffs that change and flow naturally into one another. The vocals are incredibly harsh screeches, a little bit muffled from the instruments but still able to stand above it all and spew its mantras of hate toward the listener.

What I've found that drew me into the album is how meditative the guitar riffs can be. A repetitive mantra that one can get hypnotized into. I also feel that the heavy distortion helps make it almost blend into the subconscious. A foggy atmosphere that drags the listener into a state of meditation. The third track, Lotus of Passion, is one that I find fits that description the best. And the name as well fits very much with the aggression and passion that is being put forth here.

One track is very different from the next, you can really tell the band were trying to find the sound that fits them best. Some tracks are more melodic than the others while some bring home the atmosphere all the way. It keeps you on your toes and not really sure what to expect next. Its really not surprising since it is a demo after all, but the quality that is executed here is just fantastic and really shows the talent and potential behind the act.

I've found this to be an instant favorite when I first heard it and was simply blown away by it all. There's little else to be said other than that you should give it a listen as well.

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